Inglewood Manor

Gavin and Tamara’s wedding saw me return to the fabulous Inglewood Manor on the Wirral in Cheshire. Getting to share such an important day with people is both a privilege and great fun. I felt really at home with all the Yorkshire accents at this one :) A Cheshire wedding photographer with a Yorkshire accent!

We had lovely weather for the most part and were well into the evening when the forecasted rain eventually showed up.

Gavin and Tamara are on honeymoon in Bali which I’m sure is just amazing, I’m looking forward to hearing about it as my own honeymoon at the end of this year is also in Bali.

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from their Cheshire wedding….

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  • Top draw wedding photography as always mate..

  • Awesome images and a STUNNING bride. Fantastic.

  • Do you use Nikon’s CLS throughout a wedding?
    Do you have trouble loosing a signal to fire the flash.

  • Thanks Jeremy and Andy.

    Hi Gary, I only use cls to trigger my off camera flash. I use it because its fast, accurate and is integrated with the rest of my Nikon system. It’s rare I get misfires even in bright sun, the key to successful cls is to take the time to totally know the system and how to get the best from it in any situation. An SC29 cord is worth having, you can take your controler off camera for getting the signal into awkward places/round corners (pay the extra for the 29 because it has the IR focus aid).