West Tower weddings

West Tower weddings

West Tower weddings are great fun to photograph. They are especially fun when you are photographing such a happy couple as Hannah and Ken. This was a new venue for me so I was really looking forward to photographing their wedding there.

West Tower wedding venue is in Aughton, Ormskirk and a lovely wedding venue. Their entire day was at West Tower so I was there from Hannah’s bridal preps through to their first dance.

As always, I started with Hannah’s bridal preps. West Tower’s guestrooms are beautifully decorated so they make a great background to the pictures I take. Hannah had a lovely morning getting ready for her wedding with her mother and sister.

The Lancashire registrars are photographer friendly this meant I was able to get great pictures of their ceremony. The wedding ceremony room at West Tower is big and spacious. This gives weddings an airy feel, this uncramped room is great for wedding photography. Therefore, I was able to move around freely photographing some beautiful moments I know they will treasure. Once Hannah and Ken had signed the register they headed back down the aisle.

The weather was lovely so, after the ceremony, Hannah, Ken and their guests were able to enjoy the grounds at West Tower. I took a few couples portraits of Ken and Hannah before it was time for their wedding breakfast. The catering at West Tower is excellent.

After their wedding breakfast, it was time for the speeches. This was followed shortly after by a great band and first dance.

Ken and his best man wait in the West Tower ceremony room for the arrival of the bride.

Hannah and her mum walk down the aisle.

A crazy amount of confetti.

Have you ever seen two people enjoying themselves on the dancefloor?