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There are wedding venues and then there is Knowsley Hall. This isn’t an average venue or an above-average wedding venue, Knowsley Hall is a stunning wedding venue for wedding photography from every angle and we are so lucky to have such an amazing wedding venue in Liverpool and it is always a pleasure to work as a Knowsley Hall wedding photographer. It is hard to really encapsulate Knowsley Hall in words, to describe the attention to detail, marvel at the architecture, dream at the grounds and imagine what it would have been like to live there in Victorian times. It is so good that sometimes it can be overwhelming. The heritage of Knowsley Hall is ultimately the defining characteristic. Viewed not as an asset of a home but as a legacy, the Hall has its origins in one of the most important battles on English soil. In 1485, Richard III was defeated in the Battle of Bosworth Field that lead to Henry Tudor taking the crown and beginning the reign of the Tudors. As a supporter and stepfather to Henry Tudor, Lord Thomas Stanley was created the first Earl of Derby and Knowsley Hall became the family home to the Earl of Derby a few years later around 1500.

gorgeous couple at Knowsley Hall

I am diverging but the history of Knowsley Hall is very important when trying to understand how good this wedding venue really is. Knowsley Hall has remained the ancestral home of the Stanley family and the Earls of Derby ever since. As a result, there is a huge amount of continuous unbroken history coupled with pride, attention to detail and re-investment that has kept Knowsley Hall at the top of the ladder. Unlike many stately homes that ran into disrepair in the 20th Century, Knowsley Hall remained one of the finest wedding and events venues and has recently won yet another five-star gold award from Visit England. In terms of wedding locations for wedding photographers in Liverpool, there are few others that can really compare in the North of England. From the quality of the food (which is just unbelievable), the hospitality and professionalism of the staff to the stunning wedding accommodation, available exclusively for your wedding guests, this is an exclusive and luxury wedding venue that always lives up to its reputation.

Knowsley Hall wedding photographersWith respect to wedding photography at Knowsley Hall, this is more of a pleasure than a career choice. The rooms are never the same with a range of Jacobean, Baroque and Victorian interiors ensuring that each image is different. The stunning scenery from the lakes to the endless backdrops of the beautiful, uninterrupted countryside also make exterior wedding photography at Knowsley Hall a pleasure. The result is that a Knowsley Hall wedding photographer can ensure that your images are simply stunning as long as they have the capabilities to capture the scenery and interiors effectively. Wedding photography at Knowsley Hall can be daunting for those that don’t have sufficient experience and a definitive style because of the wide variations in locations and backgrounds, you really need to have experience of this venue and you really need to know your own style to get the most out of Knowsley Hall for your wedding photographs.

Wedding photography at Knowsley HallIf you are getting married at the Knowsley Hall in Liverpool, you will need a professional wedding photographer to document the memories of your special day. For an informal chat and to discuss any ideas you may have, contact Rob Sanderson from Curve Wedding photography to discuss your Knowsley Hall wedding photography requirements.

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Knowsley Hall wedding photography

Knowsley Hall photos

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Wedding images from Knowsley Hall

Wedding images from Knowsley Hall