Beautiful summer Palm House weddings

I’ve been really looking forward to Samantha and Adam’s summer Palm House wedding. They are such a lovely, relaxed couple and the Sefton Palm house is, without doubt, one of my favourite Liverpool wedding venues. It’s impossible to get bored of photographing weddings here because both the Palm House and surrounding Sefton Park change throughout the seasons.

summer Palm House weddings

Samantha got ready at the house of her maid of honour, in Aigburth. They had a chilled and relaxed morning together getting their hair and makeup professionally done.

bride on phone

Once their hair and makeup was finished, it was time to get into their dresses.

putting on her wedding dress

Bridesmaids help fasten the wedding dress

bride gets ready with her friends

Beautiful bride

bride putting her earring in

bride checks herself in the mirror

pretty bride

Once Samantha was in her wedding dress. I took a quick couple of bridal portraits before heading to the Palm House to catch up with Adam.

Bridal portrait

It was busy outside the Palm House because the weather was beautiful.

The Sefton Park Palm house

Adam and one of the groomsmen swap notes.

Groom chats to his groomsman


picture time

Nervous groom waits for the brides arrival

A nervous Adam waits for his bride’s arrival.

Groom waiting

Whilst Adam waited in the Palm House, I made my way out to capture Samantha and her bridesmaid’s arrival in a cool vintage VW camper van.

Bride arrives in VW camper van

Bride in VW camper van

Samantha and Adam’s first look.

Bride arrives

wedding service

One of the things I love most about summer weddings in the Palm House is the great light. There is always lots of it and it’s naturally on the right side at this time of day. It gives people that lovely little kick of light from behind that separates the couple from the dark foliage. Its, simply great for wedding photography.

wedding service with love sign

Another reason I love shooting weddings at the Palm House in Sefton Park is the Liverpool Registrars. They are some of the friendliest in the country so I’m able to capture every moment unhindered.

wedding service

I always think it’s important to capture the parents and other guests during the ceremony. I love everyone’s happy faces in this picture.

father of the bride watches vows

Liverpool registrars are good fun too, no boring ceremonies here.

A proud father and mother of the bride watch Samantha and Adam exchange rings.

exchanging of the ring

Their first kiss.

the first kiss

Oops, better wipe that lipstick off :)

fun kissing picture

signing the register

Everyone wants to capture a great shot of the happy couple walking down the aisle.

mobile phone wedding photography

Especially me!

It was great to see Samantha and Adam spend so much time together. Here they are sharing a moment just after the ceremony.

Only organic confetti and petals are allowed outside the gates of the palm house. I love photographing confetti, it’s such a fun moment.

confetti precession

Lots of confetti

After the confetti, Samantha and Adam went for a spin the camper van and I couldn’t resist tagging along. I just left them to enjoy the ride while I captured a few candid moments for them. Summer Palm House weddings.

bride and groom in VW camper Van

Once we got back to the park, I took a few quick posed pictures with the VW.

bride and groom have fun in VW camper Van

just married

I’m always happy to take a few stylish group pictures.

bride and bridesmaids

groom and groomsmen

And all too soon it was time for the speeches.

Here are a few classy couples portraits I took during a quick 20-minute session. I work fast, so as not to take you away from your guests for long. No summer Palm House wedding is complete without a trip to ‘Fairy Wood’.

summer Palm House wedding

Stylish bride and groom image

couple in fairy woods in sefton park

Then I left them to enjoy the rest of their day.

It’s often still light for the first dance at summer Palm House weddings.

The band were fabulous!

Brass band in the Palm House

Even Adam wanted to take some pictures!

bride and groom outside outside the Palm House at nightime

The Palm house all lit up at night is quite a spectacular sight. Click this link if you’d like to know more about Palm house weddings and my wedding photography.

Sefton Park Palm House lit up at night