Wedding Photography at Haslington Hall in Cheshire

Femi and Emma’s, Haslington Hall wedding

Haslington Hall in the heart of Cheshire was this weekends backdrop for Femi and Emma’s dapper wedding. Femi and Emma are such an easy-going and fun couple it was a real pleasure to photograph their wedding.

I arrived at Haslington Hall to find Emma, her mum and friends chilling with champaign whilst getting ready in their suite. The light was just perfect and made for some beautiful getting ready images. Once Emma was in her dress I took a couple of quick portraits of her before heading off to find Femi and their guests.

Femi and his best man were set to arrive on horseback which looked fantastic against the lovely backdrop that is Haslington Hall and was a fantastic surprise for the wedding guests. On a side note its a good job I keep myself fit as keeping up with trotting horses on foot whilst carrying over 10kg of camera equipment takes some doing.

Femi and Emma had chosen to get married outside (or as outside as marriage is allowed here in the UK) withThe guests were surprised and delighted to see Femi turn up on horseback, it really did look awesome. Everyone then waited with anticipation for Emma’s arrival and they were wowed again.

The ceremony was taken by Crewe’s fantastic registrars who are very photography friendly so I was able to capture their wedding beautifully.

The weather really held out for Femi and Emma so after the marriage them and their guests were able to mill around in Haslington Hall’s super grounds.

It was soon time for the wedding breakfast which was promptly followed by a set of lovely heartfelt speeches.

We did have a show of rain later in the day which worked to our advantage as we got the brollies out and took some cool photo’s

On seeing their photos, Femi wrote, “These are amazing! We both can’t stop looking at them. Rest assured if there is anybody we know getting married, we’ll certainly be dropping your name. Thank you very much. The pictures just get better and better (if that’s possible) every time we look at them. Meant what I said too, you were the least stressful aspect of the day.”  Thanks Femi, glad you love your wedding pictures.

I was recommended to Femi and Emma, by their friends Gav and Tam who’s wedding I shot the year before at Inglewood Manor and it was good to them both again as guests.

Here are a few of my favourites from their day…

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  • Samantha Jones Photography
    8th November 2011 5:41 am

    Amazing wedding and such bright and beautiful colours. And the horseback arrival – wonderful!

    Great photographs, Rob, and I am not surprised that the bride and groom as delighted with the results.

  • Lovely job, how cool is the groom riding to the his own wedding! Never seen that before!

  • Martin Hambleton
    8th November 2011 6:37 am

    Great bridal portraits Rob, while the shots of the groom on horseback are just sublime. Some great reportage shots of the reception too.

  • Very nice set of images. I really like the horse shots. The bride looks spectacularly radiant!