Croxteth Hall wedding | Ray and Anna

Croxteth HallCroxteth Hall is a gorgeous wedding venue and I’ve been really looking to photographing Ray and Anna’s wedding here. With its promise of Chinese tradition mixed with a western ceremony it promised to be terrific fun – I wasn’t disappointed.

Chinese bride Croxteth Hall

Although it’s quite usual for me to start my day at the brides family home for her bridal preparations it’s wholly unusual for the groom to turn up to collect her… after completing various tasks to prove himself worthy! Far from the mundane like mowing the lawn or cleaning the father of the bride’s car, the chief bridesmaid was much more creative than that. At her bidding Ray and the boys had to drink random shots, run a 3 legged race through the street in pastel lingerie, lipstick and eyeshadow. Amongst other things, Ray had to prove his love by serenading Anna with romantic songs by Bryan Adams and wet, wet, wet…. through a megaphone – hilarious to watch!

Chinese wedding photography Croxteth Hall

Ray finds his new knickers a bit tight.

Chinese wedding at Croxteth Hall

Eventually, Ray was allowed over the threshold into the house where father of the bride, gave him Anna’s hand, it was a lovely moment. After several cups of tea, it was time for everyone to make their way to Croxteth Hall for the wedding ceremony.

wedding photographer Croxteth Hallwedding photographer Croxteth Hall Liverpool

The ceremony room at Croxteth Hall is simply stunning with its wood panel walls and stained glass windows. Best of all the light at the front of the Hall is beautiful and of course, the wonderful Liverpool registrars are as helpful as ever.

Croxteth Hall wedding photographerCroxteth Hall Liverpool wedding photographyCroxteth Hall Liverpool wedding photosCroxteth Hall Liverpool wedding photographerCroxteth Hall Liverpool wedding

It’s a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography and the venue is quite accommodating allowing access to areas usually restricted, this is both unusual and welcome for this kind of venue.

Croxteth Hall wedding picturesWedding photographer Croxteth HallCroxteth Hall LiverpoolChinese wedding at Croxteth Hall LiverpoolChinese wedding at Croxteth Hall

Ray and Anna arrive at Chung Ku Chinese restaurant in Liverpool for their wedding banquet.

City Rendezvous Liverpool weddingChinese wedding photographer Liverpool

Chinese wedding photography at City Rendezvous

At Chung Ku, Anna changed into a beautiful Chinese wedding dress ready for a traditional tea ceremony. After the tea ceremony, it was time for their fabulous banquet with so many courses. There were no speeches or first dance, Ray and Anna visited each table in turn for individual toasts with fine brandy.

Chinese wedding celebrations

I’ve always wanted to use this building site on a photo shoot, I finally got my chance! Framing Ray and Anna in the fascinating architecture or Chung Ku, I lit them with a single light to lift them from the background as the setting sun lit up the steel structure in sharp relief.

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Chinese wedding photography

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