Bik-ki and Greg’s st Helens wedding and Manchester reception banquet

I’ve been really looking forward to Bik-ki and Greg’s wedding last week because they were so into their photography and a lovely couple too.

I spent the morning photographing Bik-ki, her mum and sister as they had their hair and makeup done in preparation for the wedding at St Teresa’s Church in St Helens. Once Bik-ki was in her spectacular dress I made my way to St Teresa’s to spend some time with Greg and the quests.

At St Teresa’s Bik-ki and Greg had a brass band playing hymns whilst Greg and their guests waited for Bik-ki’s arrival. The brass band was an important part of the day because Greg, his sister and father have all played with the band at some point. I wan’t to make special note to how friendly and helpful everyone at st Teresa’s were, it was all about the bride and groom and what they want, which from a wedding photographers perspective is perfect. After a lovely ceremony, it was time to sign the register before walking down the aisle as husband and wife. Bik-ki and Greg were congratulated by their family and friends before stepping into their stunning vintage Rolls Royce wedding car.

From St Teresa’s we made our way to the Glamorous restaurant in Manchester where Bik-ki and Greg performed a Chinese tea ceremony. This is a beautiful tradition, the newlyweds serve cups of tea to their parents in exchange for their words of wisdom and advice. After this ceremony, the huge banquet started before pausing for the wedding speeches and then continuing into the evening.

Bik-ki and Greg were keen to have photographs around Manchester so we set out to take our pictures we chose such a cool location we had to share it with a film crew making a gangster rap video so we had a loud pumping soundtrack to our shoot, I’m glad I shoot stills and not the sound!


  • Martin Pemberton
    21st June 2011 5:45 pm

    Stunning collection of images Rob,
    Nailed it again!

  • I knew the photos would be great but you have managed to exceed my expectations! I have email this link to my family, friends & colleagues who have all commented that your photos are simply stunning. Many have said that these are the best wedding photographs they have seen. I’ll second that and eagerly await the album! Thank you Rob